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Our Products

Pre Filters

We prdocue low cost high quality Pre Filters for HVAC system. our filters are highly efficient to meet low-ipd

Fine Filters

KavishAir Solution produce fine filters for all MERV Levels. Our fine filters includes high stander imported filter media for best purification.

HEPA Filters

Most efficent filter to meet MERVE 17 or higher stander to supply clear air for production unit, hosptials and pharma industries. Our HEPA filters and housings comes with various options to meet your costing and quality expectaion.

Carbon Filters

Our chemical filters work on gas contamination and remove Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), toluene gas, and particulates

Nano Filers

While taking care of Industrial and commercial air quality we almost forgot our homes. Our Nano filters helps to take care of home air quality as this can be install with all kind of HVAC system including split ac at home.

Bi-Polar Ionizer

Get balanced air with negative and postive ions with our Bi-Polor ionizer and feel the freshnes of air like a mountain at our office or home. Our Bi-Polar ionizer produce +ve and -ve ions and purify the air.


Our ESP helps to remove 90-98% of dust particles with low pressure drop to meet high efficent with low maintenance.


Kill bacterias and penatrate virus with ultraviolet energy. While used with HVAC coil or duct it reduce/remove virus from air passing from HVAC system.

Nano Oxidation

The units are easily mounted into air conditioning and heating systems air ducts where most sick building problems start. Our Nano Oxidents are designed to eliminate sick building syndrome risks by reducing odours, air pollutants, VOCs, smoke, mold, bacteria, and viruses.

KavishAir Solutions

Air Filteration & Air Quality Solution for HVAC systems, Commercial buildings, Industries & Home. KavishAir Solutions provides all kind of product required for clean air delivery and take care of your health. Our team is with hands on experienc to deliver high quality products that meets ASHRAE guideline. Our team works round the clock to server our clients with best industry value.


Stage-of-art facility to produce pre/fine/HEPA filters. With collabration of our partners we also produce ESP, chemical filters for data center and ionizers (bi-polor and Nano oxident plasma-ions).


We are providing expert services for HVAC project commissioning and testing. Our expert team works with you to reduce project cost and make sure on time delivery.

AMC - Filters

Apart from contracting KavishAir Solutions also provide retrofit services and AMC for HVAC System and Air Filters replacements.

AQI - Testing

What is status of filters used with your HVAC system or what is air quality of your production area, work place or commercial buildings? We can help you with our third party testing services for AQI.

Our Specilization


Negative & Positive ions

Nano Filters

Protects from Dust, Pollen particles & Smog


Kill bacterias inside duct


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